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It isn't a landscape without plantings. After all, landscaping is the science and art of modifying the area's visible features for aesthetic purpose. Special areas for plants have to be there. RG Thomas Landscape and Design knows exactly how to fill your outdoors with plants the way you want it.

Attract Birds

Maybe you want the plants to attract birds. That's possible by providing a feeding station, water, cover, and food for the birds. The choice of plants can be a little tricky because of seasonal consideration. Nevertheless, it is possible.

For instance, if you prefer to attract birds in summer, then it's best to choose Honeysuckle, Bee Balm, Blueberry, Birch, and Strawberry among others since these will produce foods necessary for feeding young birds. The case will be different in fall or winter.

Blooming for All Seasons

Spring is the perfect planting season; while summer is the season to enjoy the spring's hard work. What about fall and winter? Most plants in these seasons need to sit back and relax. But that doesn't mean your garden has to stop being gorgeous. RG Thomas Landscape and Design knows exactly how to keep any garden in Ohio blooming all year round.

The secret lies on choosing perennial plants, which can grow for more than two years. Such plants also have the peak season, when they grow beautifully, and off-peak season, when they die down. But don't worry because the roots are still under the ground, preparing to grow again.

Another technique we use is to combine plants that grow in different seasons. In this way, the plantings will keep their glorious beauty even if some plants die down.

Mix and Match

While flowers are arguably beautiful, a landscape with only these will look boring. The perfect plantings are often a combination of trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Trees typically act more like a backdrop for the shorter shrubs and the perennials. Trees are also great for hiding the messy scene away from your landscape. Maple tree, Ginkgo Tree, Pine trees, and witch hazel are great choices.

Shrubs can be mixed with short trees or they can be laid down the walkway or driveway. The best shrub choices include cypress, Andromeda, fothergilla, rhododendron, juniper, rose, and lilac.

Don't forget the small details that only perennials and ground covers can handle. Ohio has decent choices that will not require too much of your attention. Among these are Sea Thrift, Mexican blanket flower, sweet woodruff, Lamb's Ear, Foxtail Grass, Lady's Mantle, Northern Sea Oats, and Hosta.

Planting Considerations

Creating the perfect area for plantings is not as simple as digging the soil, burying the seeds, and wait till they grow. The type of soil, moisture of the soil, plants nearby, shade, and nature of your area have to be considered when picking the best set.

No need to think about all these. Leave everything to us. Remember, it is our job to realize whatever dream you may have for your garden. Start realizing your beautiful and blooming landscape by calling us today or visiting our office soon.

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